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About Us

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To be crystal clear, to be truthful and free. This is the underlying philosophy that gave birth to our Company. Simpolo was born to be sincere to its clients, going well beyond the normal market conventions and to provide high quality makeup products, highly efficient and totally safe to use.

Every member of our team is important in Simpolo, we work together in harmony in order to produce the very best results for our clients, each one being very important to us.

  • Our research is based on high performance, balanced with use of the best ingredients and preferably natural ones.
  • We will take pride in showing you our products and to explain our choices step by step.
  • All our formulas are extremely innovative, rich in details that make the difference, producing the final objects that must be beautiful, cured, practical and never banal.


Developed by a bio-chemist to produce uniquely crafted solution-based products and services that capture the India Aura. We utilize natural and organic ingredients that enhance the holistic wellness of our customers, embracing persons of all ages, genders and diversities.

We will continuously create a customer experience that speaks of excellence beyond measure and that tells a story of proven results.

We are dedicated to being eco-conscious in the ingredients, packaging and processes that we use in keeping with our commitment to move towards a greener self and earth.

Our staff will live the values that we hold dear and we will foster a passionate, committed, fun, rewarding , caring, accomplished work environment and culture, so that our staff will in turn be empowered to give better than their best one customer at a time.


To share universally the essence of Indian hair beauty through solution based, Eco-conscious, natural, organic, products and services, which provide holistic well-being from head to toe.


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